A Little Bit Of This And That


I have been having so much fun during the last week trying new techniques and just “doing it”!  Instead of trying to perfect everything I’ve just thrown it all down and “had a go”.  This first one isn’t at all like the image I had in my head…funny that! lolImageI tried to make this very abstract looking and it’s not my favourite page ever but I had fun doing the flowers.  I used a straw to spread the paint for the petals. The middle of the flowers were some gelli prints I made.  La vie est belle…Life is beautiful!

I’ve also finally got something into my journal too.  This is a Major Mitchell Cockatoo… a beautiful bird with a gorgeous crest of white with red and yellow stripes on the feathers.  They’re breast is a soft salmon pink colour and the rest of their body white.  I love them!ImageAnd this is a sneak peak of a canvas (work in progress) I’m doing for a teacher friend at work.  ImageI’ll post the finished product when it’s completed.

ImageDylusion inks, oil pastels, Gelato’s and Sharpie pen.  

I’m still continuing on with Daisy Yellow’s ICAD challenge.  I’ve managed to keep fairly up to date having spares up my sleeve when I need them for work days or busy days.  Here’s a few of them…ImageI have to tell you I was really excited about this one.  It’s kind of inspired by the wonderful Diane Scott…an artist friend I met through Facebook.  She has this wonderful way of using Gelatos and crayons and acrylic and pen!  I love her art!  It took me a little while to get used to the Gelatos which are made by Faber-Castell. These beautiful little sticks of creamy, vibrant pigment glide onto paper or canvas, smooth or textured, and blend beautifully (I use my finger), with a blending stick or water.  They can be used for stamping too.  I only have a couple of packs of colours but definitely need to get some more colours!  Shhhh!  Don’t tell the man of the house! 😛ImageI used my Copics for this one!  ImageMy favourite medium at the moment…watercolour.  I actually am really likingthe way they dry on the index card.  I love this quote.Image

I love Audrey Hepburn…such an inspirational woman.  I didn’t get the proportions right with her hand and arm…but we live and learn.ImageThis one was for a DY ICAD prompt…lizard.  I’ve never done a pen line drawing before so was really pleased with how it turned out.

So that’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to.  

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ICAD 2013 continued


I’ve been rather slack with my blog but still try to create something every day. Sometimes I may miss a day or two on the days I work. I’m so exhausted after work…. Anyway here’s a few of my ICAD entries.


This is ballerina Lulu. I used Gelatos for the first time – I obviously need to practice.


This is a collage I did on a Gelli print background. I’m not well practised in collage and don’t think I’m particularly good at it but it was fun!


Another gelli print background. 🙂

That’s just a little bit of what I’ve been up to. I’m really enjoying the Daisy Yellow ICAD challenge. Index cards are very different to artist sketchbooks but its fun and challenging using mediums on the cards.

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Lulu’s adventures continue… ICAD and Copic pens


I’m really enjoying taking part in Daisy Yellow’s ICAD (Index Card a Day) challenge. It’s so easy to do whilst watching the TV at night.  I finally invested in some Copic pens.  I’ve had Faber Castell Pitt pens before but the Copic’s just blend so well.  So a you’ll see I’ve been enjoying the pens on my cards.

ImageThis card was dedicated to my Mum for her birthday on the 2nd June.  She passed almost 4 years ago.  Acrylics, pitt pens on envelopes for the flowers.  I also used Neocolour’s.

ImageICAD #4 – Princess Lulu – Lulu is playing dress up’s and has donned a crown (one of the prompts for the week).  She is loving her new green dress with stars (sent by my friend Gabriele from Germany). ImageICAD #5 – Doodled with black Pitt pen.  I love Doodling!

ImageICAD #6 – Hoot the owl. 🙂

ImageICAD #7 – Watercolour pencils and Neocolour crayons.  I have done one of these on watercolour for my American friend Boo!  She doesn’t know it yet.  Her profile picture is a photo of her with sunflowers…so this is inspired by that photograph.

ImageICAD #8 Doodled flower using my Copic pens for the first time.

ImageICAD #9 – I love Mandalas…so relaxing to do.

ImageICAD #10 – Lulu bakes cupcakes. Watercolour pencils and NeocoloursImageICAD #11 – Butterfly and doodled flowers.  This demonstrates the difference between Copics and Pitt pens.  The background is coloured with a Pitt pen… see how streaky it is whereas the colour on the flowers is more blended.  LOVE  the Copics!

My 4 1/2 year old nephew and I did some brainstorming as to what other adventures Lulu could go on.  He actually had some awesome ideas.  So stay tuned for some more Lulu index cards to come. 🙂

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Lynn and Lulu


ICAD 2013


Daisy Yellow is holding Index Card A Day for the months of June and July.  This is the first time I’ve participated in this challenge but it’s a fun way to do whatever art you like on a cheap index card as opposed to in your art journal.  It’s much better to ruin an index card then to ruin a page in your expensive journal.  It’s a great way to practice lettering or doodling, mandalas or whatever you like. You can check out Tammy’s page where the guidelines (which aren’t many) are set out. There’s also prompts to keep you motivated. http://daisyyellow.squarespace.com/icad/

So far I’ve kept it very simple with some doodling and lettering.

DAY ONE – Fine  Black Pitt pen, Coloured Pitt pens and Smiggle gel glitter pens.

2013-06-03 11.31.03

DAY TWO – Smiggle glitter gel pens – Fun to do but I think I prefer doodling in black or white pens.


2013-06-03 11.30.44


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Painting on Canvas


I have been working on two paintings on canvas for two very special little girls.  These are what they wanted for their birthdays.  I used acrylics then used black and white pens to detail.  I’m really hoping they were what they expecting.  I felt a bit of pressure and was nervous doing it on canvas.  I’ll be giving them to the girls this afternoon so fingers crossed they’re ok. 🙂

This one is for lovely Lucy Rose.  I sent the girls a sneak peak with just a partial photo of their canvas.  Lucy loved hers but Georgia didn’t want to look at hers… she wants it to be a surprise!

2013-06-01 10.34.04 2013-06-01 10.34.55 2013-06-01 10.35.03

And this is for gorgeous Georgia Poppy.

2013-06-01 10.35.52 2013-06-01 10.37.01 2013-06-01 10.37.08


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Lulu 🙂

Black And White On Brown Paper



A few years ago one of my beautiful nieces (I have two gorgeous nieces who are like daughters to me) gave me a beautiful journal and up until now I’ve never known what to do with it.  But I loved it so very much that I had it on our buffet where everyone could see it.  So I’ve now started journalling in it and I just adore the results.

2013-06-01 10.38.302013-06-01 10.39.242013-06-01 10.38.44

Mothers Day Bliss


Mother’s Day was a quiet day for me this year.  We went to breakfast with Pete’s parents but unfortunately both my boys were working so couldn’t join us.  We did, however, have a lovely roast dinner last night together.  For the rest of the day I literally sketched the whole day.  A friend, Boo, recently posted a photo of a little girl in a field of daisies and she was painting the flowers to give them colour.  I told Boo I’d love to sketch it…so here it is.Image

I never realised before just how imperfect flowers actually are.  It was really hard to draw them actually.  The photo doesn’t show every petal so I wasn’t really sure how to sketch it. ImageI

I did alter it a little bit and didn’t put in quite so many flowers and I added the verse as well which I think suits the sketch perfectly.

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