Lulu’s adventures continue… ICAD and Copic pens


I’m really enjoying taking part in Daisy Yellow’s ICAD (Index Card a Day) challenge. It’s so easy to do whilst watching the TV at night.  I finally invested in some Copic pens.  I’ve had Faber Castell Pitt pens before but the Copic’s just blend so well.  So a you’ll see I’ve been enjoying the pens on my cards.

ImageThis card was dedicated to my Mum for her birthday on the 2nd June.  She passed almost 4 years ago.  Acrylics, pitt pens on envelopes for the flowers.  I also used Neocolour’s.

ImageICAD #4 – Princess Lulu – Lulu is playing dress up’s and has donned a crown (one of the prompts for the week).  She is loving her new green dress with stars (sent by my friend Gabriele from Germany). ImageICAD #5 – Doodled with black Pitt pen.  I love Doodling!

ImageICAD #6 – Hoot the owl. 🙂

ImageICAD #7 – Watercolour pencils and Neocolour crayons.  I have done one of these on watercolour for my American friend Boo!  She doesn’t know it yet.  Her profile picture is a photo of her with sunflowers…so this is inspired by that photograph.

ImageICAD #8 Doodled flower using my Copic pens for the first time.

ImageICAD #9 – I love Mandalas…so relaxing to do.

ImageICAD #10 – Lulu bakes cupcakes. Watercolour pencils and NeocoloursImageICAD #11 – Butterfly and doodled flowers.  This demonstrates the difference between Copics and Pitt pens.  The background is coloured with a Pitt pen… see how streaky it is whereas the colour on the flowers is more blended.  LOVE  the Copics!

My 4 1/2 year old nephew and I did some brainstorming as to what other adventures Lulu could go on.  He actually had some awesome ideas.  So stay tuned for some more Lulu index cards to come. 🙂

Thanks for checking in.

Yours in Art

Lynn and Lulu



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  1. Nice to see all your ICAD’s together. So great–I especially like Lulu’s adventures–so personal. I just finished my #10 tonight tho’ I’ve only posted once with the first 7 all together. Excited about this week because I just visited an exhibit of “contemporary Aboriginal Australian art”. I’ve done 2 already in the style and plan to make it a series. I’ll be watching for Lulu’s other adventures!!

    • Thanks Margie! I love aboriginal art. I look forward to seeing your cards. Be on the watch for some mail in the next couple of weeks. I have some ready to be posted…yours included. Thanks again for reading!

    • Thanks Gabriele! There’s a lot more of Lulu to come. I’m trying to perfect getting her exactly the same…they’re all a bit different. But the last two have been similar at least. She’s quite the adventurer!

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