Hello from me in Australia!  I’m quite new to art journalling but I’m loving the process of learning new techniques and experimenting with a variety of mediums.  I’m loving the freedom of mixed media.  I also love mosaicking.  Basically I love nothing better than having paint, ink or grout under my fingernails!  I also love my husband Pete and my two boys, now young adults Tom and Kristian.  I love our two dogs, 1 cockatiel and fish.


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  1. Hi! I saw your reply on Daisy Yellow’s facebook page and thought your name sounded familiar. I checked my iHanna DIY postcard swap list and there you were! I had you on my send list–I hope my postcard has arrived safely or will soon. Meanwhile, I checked out your blog–very nice. I’ve only been blogging a little over a year and still need a lot of help so I just ordered a “Blogging for Dummies” book. Hopefully it will help me to maneuver through blogland;-) Love your watercolor backgrounds. I plan on signing up for the same class soon. Taking a Swatches–little books class from Kelly Kilmer right now. Also, I signed up for the index card a day. Just having so much art fun!! Sure I’ll see you around on 21 Secrets or flickr, glad to meet you online:-)

    • Thank you so much for your lovely reply artsynaturenut. When I received your lovely postcard I recognised your name from Daisy Yellow and Flicker. It’s a catchy name you have! 🙂 Thank you for your postcard. You will be getting one from me in return eventually. I have so many projects on the go…prompts, postcards, 21 Secrets and I hope to do the index card a day too. Lucky I only work 2 days a week!! Tammy’s class is a lot of fun, so enjoy it! 🙂

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