Freckles and Me…a sketch


As I was away for half of last week and then had to work the other half all I managed to get done whilst I was looking after my Dad for a few days was start a sketch.  I finished it on the weekend. This is from an old photo which is of me at about three years old washing our faithful old dog Freckles.  It’s my favourite photo of my childhood I think.  It’s pretty clear my obsession with dogs started at a very young age.  It’s not a great sketch but the photo blown up wasn’t a great print.  I’m still happy with it….although I just couldn’t get the face right.Image

Freck was the best dog.  When I was little I ran away a couple of times…naughty girl that I was!  I actually was a goody two shoes apart from the running away incidents when I was three.  Anyway…Freck accompanied me on these expeditions as I had the dog leash with me and even though I couldn’t clip it on he still followed me.  The second time though Freck decided he wasn’t going to get in to trouble so went home without me.  The whole neighbourhood was out looking for me and I was eventually found at a house over the back where the bigger girl had coaxed me over the fence to play.  Boy do I remember that day!  I was smacked all the way home!

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Loving watercolours and sketching


I’ve been loving playing with watercolours in the last couple of weeks.  I’ve been using them for the backgrounds of some of my postcards. I just love swooshing them around on the page. I choose just a couple of colours, maybe three and just watch them blend.  Then I’ve been doodling or sketching with black pen.  I’m quite pleased with the way they’ve turned out.  Here’s a sneak peak at some of them.Image

I hope you like them.

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Self portrait


This is a prompt 3 for the M3 group.  Self portrait, black and white and favourite quote or saying.  

I’ve never done a self portrait before. I’ve only done a few portraits in the short time since I discovered I could actually sketch.  I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.  

The quote is one I’ve really believed in for a few years now.  It’s helped me deal with my pain (both physical and mental) and helps me put things into perspective. I’m including the original photo from which I sketched the portrait below.Image


And the finished product.  I’m a bit cranky my writing is placed lopsided on the page but oh well! I was fighting with my cockatiel Archie to keep him off my work!  Hehe!Image


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DY Prompt 6ix #17


My envision for this page was nothing like the end product and I almost didn’t post it! Hehe!  But anyway…here it is.

Palace, lime green, maze or puzzle, envelope, compass, staples.

I started by covering the page with a selection of recycled envelopes.  I then swiped acrylics over the page using a card. I really wanted the envelopes to show through so I used light colours with the darker purple. It came out pretty gaudy though. Eh! I used a compass to draw the circles with Neocolours then doodled inside of them and around the page a bit.  I found some decorative tape (we don’t seem to have Washi tape here in Oz), so through it on the page as well to kind of add to my mail theme.  Hopefully next weeks prompt is better or that my end product lives up to my envision.  Haha!  Thanks for passing by! 🙂Image

21 Secrets


I’m on to my 4th workshop of 21 Secrets now and am really enjoying it and learning lots.   Oh how I wish I had all the delicious products that the different instructors use!  Anyway…I just make do with what I have until I can work out whether I would use them over and over.  The first page I’m going to share with you is from Cathy Bluteau’s Doodle Our Way.  I really enjoyed doing this page and think I would definitely do it again.  I think it’s a great way to journal. 

Step one was to find your collage pictures.  She used flowers so I pretty much stuck to that too.  I had some lovely paper napkins that have gorgeous poppies on (I adore poppies!) so cut out two of them.  I also used scrapbooking paper and magazines.  The flowers were then glued down.

Then we started sectioning off the page.  Big sections, small sections…whatever we were feeling.  As you can see I’ve used some text scrapbooking paper.  Cathy also used washi tape and decorative post it notes (the bookmark ones).  She used a ruler that had the different sized circles in it and as you can see I’ve used that in my page in a couple of pages. Then just start filling in the blanks with doodles and colour.  Cathy used Copic pens which seemed to blend beautifully.  I used my Pitt pens which are a 6 pack so it wasn’t really my fave colour choice but they’re ok.  Then you go in at the end with a black pen and a white pen and just add some detail into the flowers.  I can’t wait to do another page like this one.  What do you think?Image

The next class I did was Danielle Daniel’s class Unearthing.  I really loved this class and found her a really fun and informative instructor.  This class is based on connecting with your dreams and drawing your dreams basically.  I rarely remember my dreams so I just pretty much drew a girl with a bird on her shoulder.  Firstly we started with a combination of papers to place all over the page.  I used scrapbooking papers and some found text.  So that is just ripped and placed randomly all over the page.  Most of it was covered up though so doubt I’d cover the whole page next time.  Danielle used Gloss Gel Medium to doing her gluing and covered the whole page with it using a gift card to spread it.  I didn’t have medium so used Mod Podge.

Then I chose 4 or 5 colours of acrylic paint to use on the background.  Firstly Danielle started with white to lighten the page a bit first and really make the colours stand out when layered.  She did use a brayer at first with the white.  Not over the entire page but just in sections.  Then I used a combination of a paintbrush, gift card and my fingers.  It was actually really cool using my fingers…it felt even more creative!  I also used some bubble wrap and I painted a stamp with paint as well.  I also used the end of a paintbrush to etch in the paint whilst it was still wet.  I liked this effect!  Then just play with it a bit to get it to where you like it.  Sometimes it’s kind of hard to stop…Lynnie!!~ Step away from the paint! 😉  I added some more white to lighten up the page a bit.  

When the page was dry I added a few scribbles with neocolor 2 water soluable crayons.  I’m not really a scribbler so this was different for me.  Danielle said to use your left hand to make it rougher and more naive.  Now came the tricky part.  I’m ok at drawing but because I had Mod Podged the page it made it very hard to see a pencil on it.  I had to use charcoal just to see it.  Danielle used a Stabilo All pencil which writes on anything and everything.  I definitely need to get one of these pencils.  So when you’ve drawn your outline it’s time to start painting in your drawing.  This is the part I have no experience with what so ever.  Actually I’m not trained in Art at all so it’s all a learning experience for me.  I’m kind of scared to share this one as I’m really not happy with her face at all!  But oh well…it’s growth I suppose.  At least I hope to see growth further down the track.  I didn’t have the same colours that Danielle used so found that a bit hard to work out what colours to use.  Hence her face is a little clown looking with the rosy rouge cheeks!!  

Although I was disappointed with my girl I loved the workshop and really enjoyed getting messy with Danielle.  The background was a lot of fun to do and I know I’ll be doing this again!  Image

The last class I did was Dion Dior’s Sparkle- Arkle!  Wow!  She’s so talented and uses a lot of sparkly and glittery paints and glues.  She uses Twinkling H2O’s and Silks which are an acrylic glaze, which are Luminarte brand.  These paints look amazing and the class she did was great.  I haven’t actually put this workshop into practice but hope to in the coming week.  Dion is an Aussie so it was nice to hear an Aussie accent.  She does live in America now though.

Oh!  I tell a lie.  I have watched another class.  Ro Bruhn’s (Another Aussie) Flower Power was a class basically doodling flowers on recycled envelopes.  So I’ve been saving envelopes (that have the printed paper on the inside).  Cut the envelopes opened then draw to your heart content.  Just simple designs are fine.  Then colour in using whatever your medium choice is…Ro used her Pitt Pens. Then cut them out and use them on your journal page however you like.  She also taught how to make simple stamps in her class too.  

I’m loving 21 Secrets and it’s been money so well spent!  I hope you enjoy reading all about it.

A Productive Weekend


I’ve spent the last two days in my art room with my head down.  I’ve been so behind on prompts so I’ve managed to catch up on a few.  

This is Prompt 6ix #15 – Definition or equation – Fun = Children + Garden;   Garden– in the equation and my whole page is basically a garden. The photograph is my nephew Daniel playing in his garden. I’ve always loved this photo! Purple and light blue – light blue background and stencilled purple flowers and doodled flower.  Fingerpaint – the cute insects around the flowers. Tiny words – in the purple flower.  This was a fun page!


Prompt 6ix #16 – Definitely not my favourite page I’ve ever done.  I experimented with some modelling paste mixed with the acrylic. I obviously used too much and had a little too much texture, hence nothing wanted to glue to the page.  Anyway…we live and learn!  Trivia:  Question around the Diagram.  Do you know the answer? Orange and Yellow background. Greeting card is the cupcake stack.  Descriptive words and alphabet all over the page.  Image


Week 3 #4 Magenta, Doodles and Numbers for the M3 group: This was a lot of fun because I love doodling flowers, so this one was an easy one for me.Image


I also did a watercolour based on Tammy’s Watercolour Playground from 21 Secrets. I’ve decided to start putting my artwork on cardstock to send as birthday cards or just to say ‘Hello!’. This one is going to a very special friend of mine who does amazing art and has encouraged me a lot. I hope you enjoy it Eila!  I really, really love doing these watercolour playgrounds. I find it so relaxing using watercolours!Image

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Sharing the Link Love – My Top Ten Blogs


Tammy at Daisy Yellow is on a mission to spread link love.  So I’ve decided to try and do my bit and join her, especially as I’m a very new blogger.  I’ve made so many new friends through Daisy Yellow on Facebook and been introduced to other groups and blogs so it makes sense to me to help spread other arty blogs.

My first link has to be of course to Tammy.  I have learnt so much through her informative blogs and is my first “go-to” source of information whether it be what brands of supplies to use or prompts.  Tammy always acknowledges your posts and is quick to reply to emails as well. So check out Daisy Yellow!

Alison at was my first fellow Aussie friend.  I met her through Daisy Yellow too.  She is all about book binding at the moment so take a look at what she’s been up to.

My first friend at Daisy Yellow was Jo at  She made me feel very welcome and helped me out with a few of my novice questions.  Thank you Joanne!

My very first follower on my blog was Jana at Tangled Pen I love Jana’s work!  Her doodles and drawings are amazing and I love her use of colours!

Gabriele at Artatag shares lots of great stuff on her blog.  Take a look at her Prompt 6ix for the Daisy Yellow Prompt series.  I love this one!

I have found myself enjoying Mandalas a lot lately.  I’m especially inspired by Tammy Garcia and Stephanie Smith at  Check out the amazing mandalas Stephanie does.  

Boo at is another friend I’ve made through Daisy Yellow. Have a look at her I love her Umbrella Man from Tim Holz. He’s so cool!

Jane Davenport is an Aussie artist and has some really great information on her blog.  She’s lots of fun in her writings and is also helpful when it comes to products in Australia.

My top ten blogs would NOT be complete without one of my absolute fave bloggers and friends on DY.  Sweetred Clover always, ALWAYS, manages to make me smile and quite often I’m laughing out loud at her oh so fun antics! Take a look at her latest blog and reminisce with Sweetred!

Another of my favourite blogs is Tamara Laporte at  I really love her style and aspire to create works as wonderful as hers. Tammy also writes with such a sense of fun and she truly makes you feel special!

So that rounds out my Top Ten. I hope you enjoy checking them all out.  I’m a bit behind on the whole one a week thing so hope that these ten make up for the last couple of weeks.  As I’m doing 21 Secrets and meeting new people I’m sure I will have some more exciting blogs for you to look at next week. 🙂